How to Write Essays: Be Careful with a Topic Selection

Writing an essay is a tough slog. There’s an awful lot to it and you want to get the best result you can. In order to write the best essay you can you want to start off on the right foot. This means choosing the right topic. Follow our guidelines for picking the best topic for you:

  • Choose Something Risky
  • Choose something Interesting
  • Choose Something for you
  • Choose Something Relevant

Choose Something Risky

Some of the best essays try to tackle the hard questions, they go for the heart of the matter and aren’t afraid to make a statement. If you pick a weak topic, you’ll write a weak essay. Pick a topic that’s got guts and that will force the readers to really sit back and think. Don’t be afraid to be different. In fact, being different is exactly the kind of thing you should be aiming for. Stand out from the crowd and find a topic that’s different.

Choose Something Interesting

You don’t want to do a boring essay. Although any essay can be terrible if you don’t write it well, it’s a lot easier to do a good essay if you’re talking about something interesting. Try to find a topic that’s got a kick to it, something that immediately sets the tone for any potential reader. Remember, you want your readers to be as interested as you are, and the best topics will do this.

Choose Something For You

Don’t pick a topic because your friend told you to, or because you’re trying to impress your professor. Choose the one that stands out the most to you. Try to make it personal to you, make it something you care about and that drives you to write the best essay you can. If you are passionate about your topic it will shine through in your writing. If you find your essay a chore, you can be sure your readers will too.

Choose Something Relevant

Try to stick to your course guidelines. There are many things an essay could be, but the one thing is should be is relevant. Don’t pick a topic that will spiral off into rambling tangents, pick one that’s focused and to the point. By starting off on the right path you ensure that the rest of the essay follows through. So get thinking and find the right topic for you today.