Getting Free Essays On Religion Online: 8 Places To Check

When searching for religion essays, it is easy to find ones you must pay to access, but it is much harder to find free ones. Start your search for free papers with the places:

  1. Academic journals
  2. Academic journals are a great place to find free papers, particularly if you’re looking for them on a certain topic. Your school likely has subscriptions to online journal databases. Start with JSTOR and Academic Search Premier as they typically have the best sources for humanities papers. If you do not have access to these databases, try searching with Google Scholar which is free and will connect you to free articles as well.

  3. Online sample papers
  4. Many sources, ranging from academic journals to online writing services will include sample papers on their websites. These can be a great source of free papers. The downside is that it can be hard to find papers on specific topics.

  5. Magazines
  6. There are several magazines which publish essays, from research to op-eds, on religious topics. An online search will help you to access the magazines themselves and their archives, or try searching for articles directly.

  7. Writing contests
  8. Writing contests are an easy way to find top-quality papers, because typically only the winning ones are published, ensuring that they are the best out there. You may be able to find writing contests that focus on religious topics, or you may need to search through contest winners for ones relating to religion.

  9. Friends
  10. Your friends and family can be a great source for free papers, especially if they live in a different place that you. Just be ware of using them if there’s a chance your teacher would recognize it.

  11. Online forums
  12. Searching for papers through online forums is kind of like using your friends, only it opens up the whole country, and even world, as a source of papers. Typically on online forums, people will be keen to trade papers, so by supplying a paper you’ve already written, you can get the religion paper you’re looking for.

  13. Conference papers
  14. Similar to academic journals, conference papers can be great for finding religion essays. They have an added benefit that they haven’t been widely published, but can still be found online.

  15. Online search
  16. While it can be entirely hit or miss, a simple online search for ‘free religion essay’ may uncover some great options.