How to write a strong scholarship essay

For many students, winning a scholarship can make all the difference in their academic life and then their employment years which follow. If you want a shot at a particular college and be able to study a certain degree there, you can make things happen by winning a scholarship. In many cases the scholarship is awarded to someone who produces a strong scholarship essay. Here are some ways you can seriously improve your chances of being successful.

Answer the question

Despite this point being made time and again, despite parents and teachers ramming home the relevance of this point, some students still fail to answer the question being asked. All that effort wasted because they failed to think first. And where it becomes almost a tragedy is when the student writes a brilliant essay but fails to win a scholarship because they were writing about a different topic or another point.

Have the same theme throughout

Let's say that your covering letter talks about your life and your achievements on the sporting field. You need to then write a strong scholarship essay on such points as lots of hard work being required to produce excess. Your scholarship essay matches your achievements in your life. Some students lose out because the things which they say are important to them in their life are not discussed or not discussed well when it comes to their scholarship essay. Make your goals and your essay work together.

Be personal

Colleges are looking for students of a certain nature, character or caliber. They want to know about the person who is applying for a scholarship. Academic results are important, in fact very important, but students are people, human beings. Reveal yourself, your personal goals and plans for the future so that those making an assessment of the scholarship applicants can feel they know you through your writing. Don't be afraid to bare your soul.

Edit, re-read and proofread

You should always check whatever form of writing you do before sending it off but this is doubly so when it comes to a scholarship essay. So much is riding on this paper. If you include spelling mistakes, sloppy syntax and use a typeface which is difficult to read, you will be well on the way to shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure every aspect of your scholarship essay is in fine form; the content, the layout and presentation. Everything needs to be tip-top and first class giving you the best possible chance of success.