How To Write A Critique Essay: Searching For Well-Written Examples

Writing a critique essay may come in a bit handy because the word critical or critique gives more of a negative vibe. Students usually take it wrong when they are asked to criticize a piece of writing, idea, thought or a book. They consider that they are supposed to write bad things about it. However, this is not the case. By writing a critique, you need to evaluate and analyze the subject and state unbiased and honest opinion about it. You must have a summary of the subject you are going to write your critique on. It is very important that you critique follows a logical order and the readers can understand why you have derived a certain conclusion.

State the name of the author and a little background of the work in the first paragraph

It is not necessary that your readers will automatically know who is the author of the work and which work are you discussing. You need to state that in the first paragraph of your critique. You also have to include details like if the subject was controversial or not. Whether it gained popularity or it did not

Summarize the subject under discussion

In the second paragraph, you are supposed to write a brief summary of the work you are going to criticize. Do not miss any point and do not add your opinion. Just write down a summary of what the author has written

Analyze the work

This is where you analyze the work of the author. You should check if the data provided is authenticated and valid. Does the paper follow a logical order? Has the author achieved the purpose of writing this piece through his words?

Write your opinion

In the fourth paragraph you write your agreement or disagreement. You tell why you agree or disagree to a certain point. This is where you tell what is lacking in the paper in your opinion and how it can be improved.

Write your conclusion

Finally, you write the conclusion, which is comparatively the smallest paragraph of your critique. It is very important that you include all that you have mentioned in the body paragraphs but write their extract. Make sure that you do not add a new idea or opinion in the conclusion. It should simply be an extract of what has already been discussed.