How to Write Papers for Journals: Things to Avoid

When you are writing a journalistic piece you often have to write about personal details. There are special programs in the institution that seem appealing to you which it is recommended to mention briefly. Explain the reasons why you want to join that single faculty. For instance, you can mention that; “I want to become a member of XYZ Group for ABC studies because…” Don’t waste your time mentioning how great the institution or group is. Be simple, concise and specific in your application. In addition, if you have an idea of someone that you might be interested working with, indicate this intelligently in the essay. However, you need to be a bit careful here:

Don’t use this chance as a way of diverting the attention of the reader. In fact, if you frame this part in the wrong way, it will negatively affect your essay. This is especially if the reader believes that you are not being sincere. The person that you mention should relate with your skills and interests from the institution. This part can always be avoided if you are not very good in crafting it.

Additional Considerations

In case you have more information that is relevant about yourself which is not requested by the publisher, there is a solution. Here, you might want to include this information in form of a condensed resume with your essay. The resume should aim at highlighting your potential as well as your skills. This is an important aspect for those who have worked professionally after graduating from college. Some of the most important items to put in this section are: publications, presentations, and language and computer skills. These will improve your edge to getting the position.

If on the other hand your academic qualifications are not very solid due to past experiences, you should provide a short explanatory statement. While this is good, a lot of caution should be applied. You don’t want to explain the cause of your poor grades but you want to provide factual information. In this, be very specific, concise and factual. Write a very short explanation and don’t overdo it. Write information you can prove.