Army Values

Being a soldier is not just a natural thing. It entails going through a rigorous training. During this time, the soldiers are trained to withstand harsh conditions that most of what they will experience in the executing of their duties. Apart from being taught how to cope with severe conditions, soldiers are given a teaching that revolves around the Army Values. These values are seven and are referred as the LDRSHIP values. They govern most of the things that a soldier does. It is believed that these values are all what being a soldier is all about. These are the values and teachings that make soldiers different from just angry and insane mob with guns. These values are supposed to be part of a soldier's life be it at work or off duty.

The Seven Values

The first value that is Loyalty demands the soldiers to be honour and be true to the constitution of their country. They should also freely devote themselves to the army, their units and mostly their fellow soldiers. Duty is the second value and requires soldiers to perform their duties fully. It requires them to work together to complete tasks as a team. The value of respect is one that asks all soldiers to treat others with respect and in a way they should be treated. Selfless Service challenges soldiers to make the ultimate contributions. Honour is the value that urges the always live up to the army value. There is a medal of honour that is given to soldiers that show honour in their daily activities. Integrity is the sixth value. Soldiers should do what is right and avoid things that would put the integrity of the army at stake. The last value is that of personal courage. This is particularly gained during the physical training. All these values should be the basic guiding rules of each soldier.

Importance of Army Values

These values are important as they guide the soldiers as of the best way to perform their duties. They should be observed at all times. Army and other police units are referred to as the disciplined forces. These values enhance the discipline of the soldiers both in the workplace and with other people. They outline the acceptable behavior of the soldiers. This is in accordance with the constitution of the particular country. It is believed that anybody can live in accordance with these values without prior training.