Tricks and Tips on How to Write an Essay About a Book

When you read a book for pleasure, it is different than reading a book with the intention of writing an essay about it. When writing an essay about a book, you want to consider all of the intentions, purposes and motives. A book has many stories to tell and many interpretations available beneath the surface of the story presented. Analyze the book with critical reading while taking notes—use these notes to create an outline for your essay.

Take Your Notes

While reading a book with the intention of writing an essay about it, be sure to take good notes—or even underline in your book if this is something you do not mind do. If you would rather not, you can always jot down quotes or lines that strike a certain note with you. Later you can address these quotes to further break down the plot and characters.

Consider the Literary Components

In addition to the general plot, characters and setting you read about—you will also want to consider other more complex literary components used by the author. Some of these components like point of view, theme, irony, subplot and much more. These components are literary techniques the author uses to create more meaning behind the book and function to make some kind of tone, point or purpose.

Create an Outline

After you have compiled strong notes about the book you plan to write about, you will want to create a thesis statement. This thesis statement will overview the intention of your essay, and what you will plan to discuss in the body of the essay. With this thesis, you will create your outline. Your outline is a roadmap of your essay including details on what you plan to discuss in your introduction, body and conclusion. This will allow you to develop a plan for the content you have discovered within your book.

Once you have completed reading your book and taken thorough notes, you should have a deep understanding of the book. You want to have this complete knowledge of the book prior to beginning your writing. By creating an outline and deeply considering the literary components use by the author, you will be able to reveal a unique understanding of the novel. You will share this perspective on the book through your essay.