Where I Can Find Process Analysis Essay Topic Ideas

There are Many many processes in the world, and although the topic may seem very precise, very specific, there are a great deal of ways of coming across new process analysis essay topic ideas. Below is a list of some of the ways that you can get inspired:


One way to come up with new essay topics is simply to look at the world around you. If you have an open field, as in, you can discuss any process, then the everyday world is full of examples. For example, you can think in terms of biology, of business, of mathematics or computing. The possibilities really are endless.

Old Papers

It is pretty difficult to come up with something new in a particular area when you do not know what is old in that same field. So, it is always a good idea when you are looking for inspiration and newness to look at what has been done before. This will then let you know the kinds of things that have been studied, and those that have not.

Published Papers and Books

Most journal articles, book chapters, and books which explore process analysis will have a final discussion, and will generally indicate areas for future research. If you can find very recent papers in your area, then the suggested further research sections will likely still be relevant. If so, simply research as encouraged by that paper, but make sure that you reference the paper!


Your tutor will have experience of setting and reading process analysis papers, and because of this, and their academic reading, they should be able to tell you some things that you could look into. They may not be very specific, but they can point you in the best direction, both for research, and areas of study.

Brainstorm with Classmates

There is nothing better, for getting new ideas, than sitting with your peers, in a comfortable place, and knocking a few ideas around. Brainstorming in a group can really develop in fascinating ways, ways in which sitting alone with a computer will not.

So, processes are everywhere, and the means of finding ideas for essays are everywhere. Just follow the above tips and you can have a fresh idea for your process analysis essay in no time.