Laura Tyson

For so long women were oppressed and their accomplishments were ignored or even blocked. It is nice that the realization has come that women can and do make a difference in all industry. Lauran Tyson has made quite a difference in the world of national and international economy. Her books, lectures, agendas, columns, and advice have been an impact on the study of the field of economics.

Laura Tyson, an American economist, was born on June 28, 1947. She was the proud and talented first female Dean at the London Business School. She was able to accomplish much during her tenure at the prestigious university. She has broken many gender barriers in her lifetime. She is also a professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley campus. Also, Laura Tyson served as the former Chair of United States President’s Council of Advisors under the Clinton administration. She is an expert on economics.

Laura Tyson is also an accomplished author and magazine columnist for several periodicals. Her focus in her writing is on trade, being competitive in the industry of economics, and the overall field of economics. She has written several books on these topics. She is also a well-respected columnist for BusinessWeek. She has served on the editorial board for International Economy and she was written for the New York Times. She has also appeared on television in such shows as Project Syndicate. She is an expert in the field of economics.

She works on such projects as the Think Long Committee for California 21st Century Council as well as the Governance Project of the Berggruen Institute. She also cares about educating others, helping and informing the community, and keeping abreast of the vast field of economics. Additionally, she works for the non-profit organization called Jacobs Foundation. The amount of various boards she serves on is endless.

The current field of economics cannot be discussed without exploring and recognizing the famous Laura Tyson. She has broken the gender barrier and helped to make the world more aware of issues and remedies in the world economics and the world markets. Laura Tyson is known as a major player in strategy for international and domestic economics. And the components in national and international economics while enhancing the lengthiest and the most powerful era of economic growth in history are also her specialty.