Demonstrating Vulnerability While Creating An Explanation Essay

An explanation essay, also known as an expository essay, helps a writer explain a certain topic from a specific standpoint. Allowing the writer to simplify the topic at hand for the reader to understand the topic much better prior to reading the essay. Now, when you’re explaining certain things to readers it’s good to make sure you find your voice ahead of time. Figure out how you’re going to present the material and why you’re going to present the material in such a way. You should always know who’s going to read your essay and why you want them read your essay before you begin writing one, especially an explanatory essay. It’s good to have a little vulnerability without your essay in order to show the reader how truly passionate you are about the work you’ve taken time to write. There are ways to demonstrate vulnerability while creating your essay, here a few:

  • Try To Speak From First-Hand Experience – If possible, try to relay your message to the reader from your own personal experiences. This always helps you portray a little bit of vulnerability because it’s from a personal account and not just something out of a book or looked up on the Internet. So try to immerse yourself within the topic if you weren’t already familiar with it. A reader can tell how vulnerable you were when writing your experience by the words you chose to use in order to get your message across.
  • Find The Softer Side To The Topic – Focus on the more softer details of a topic, whether it’s an extremely serious situation or not, so that the reader can imagine exactly what you mean and what’s possibly going on. No matter what the material is there’s always a soft side to it, the “whys,” “how,” and “whens.”
  • Take Your Time With The Information – Time will allow you to demonstrate a great amount of vulnerability because the essay will be well thought out and everything you intend to make sure is involved within the essay will be. Time will help you relay the information in a way that will carry a certain sense of vulnerability of its own. When you’ve done the right research and have a true understanding on a certain topic, your true words and knowledge will show on paper and the reader will view it and acknowledge the sincerity of it.