A List of Good Argumentative Essay Topics for 6th Grade

Now if you are a sixth-grade student or a teacher or a parent of a sixth-grade student there are two important things to understand here. The first is that you should choose an argumentative essay topic that you really want to write about. And the second is that you should clearly understand what is meant by an argumentative essay.

Getting young students happily involved in writing essays is very important. It's an activity they will have to do time and time again throughout the rest of their high school and their college years. So the sooner they learn that choosing a topic which excites them or about which they already have some knowledge is a really good idea.

Just what is an argumentative essay?

As the name suggests it's all to do with arguing. You see you can't argue in favour of something unless there is a case against it. So in an argumentative essay you are taking a side or a point of view and building a case which supports your argument. To do that you need to know a heck of a lot about the subject in the first place which is another reason why you should choose your topic wisely.

Is the topic you have chosen the sort of thing which divides public opinion? Does your topic get people mad and speak out strongly? If so, that's good. That makes that particular topic good as an argumentative essay. So once you know what an argumentative essay is all about and you have chosen your topic well, you are then ready to do the research. And believe me, research is a really important part of writing a successful essay.

And that's another point you need to understand because unless the topic has lots of relevant and easily accessible research material, you can't build your argument. So with all this information in mind here are some good argumentative essay topics ideal for sixth-grade students. Note that they are particularly relevant to students of that particular page.

  1. Setting a curfew for teenagers is a really good idea.
  2. Asking students to complete homework assignments doesn't help their education.
  3. Single sex schools help students achieve higher marks.
  4. Junk food should never be allowed to be advertised to children.
  5. Competition in sport for children is bad for their growth.