Household Hazardous Wastes

Inside of many households there are hazardous wastes and harmful products. These products are often left unattended and can pose a serious threat to children and pets. That is why it is so important to note which products in your home are considered hazardous and how you can alleviate any hazardous waste in this form. Certain hazardous materials in the house cannot just be thrown in the trash without ensuring that no children or animals can get to them. It is important to note that these household items are safe when they are used as instructed but with time they can degrade and their chemical reactions can change causing them to become harmful.

Air fresheners are one potentially toxic item in your house. They can contain ingredients that irritate the lungs. They also sometimes have petroleum distillates which can irate the lungs and the eyes and are also flammable. Ammonia is another volatile compound that can very quickly irritate the respiratory system if you inhale it. It can also cause a chemical burn if it is spilled on the skin. It reacts to chlorine in the form of a deadly gas. Antifreeze is another. The consumption of it can cause serious damage to the internal organs and merely breathing it in deeply can cause dizziness. This is a particularly frightening household product because it contains ethylene glycol which gives it a sweet flavor. This sweetness is attractive to pets and to children. The sweet smell is often adequate enough to lure pets toward it. While antifreeze is mixed with a chemical to make it taste very bad that may not always suffice as a deterrent for some pets.

Another potentially harmful chemical that must be disposed of properly is bleach. This contains a chemical which will damage the respiratory system and the skin. It should absolutely never be mixed with drain cleaners or ammonia as it will cause deadly fumes. On that note drain cleaners are also toxic to drink and when splashed on the body can cause serious burns and blindness. Oven cleaner can also pose a danger if not properly discarded. Oven clearer can be deadly if it is swallowed and will leave chemical burns on the skin or damage to the lungs if inhaled.

Leaving even a small amount of these products in waste form can cause serious injury to curious children or investigatory pets. It is important to recognize which of these items are dangerous and to ensure you dispose of them properly.