A List of Fresh Essay Topics: Country Life vs. City Life

Topics, which include opposites, make for great articles. You can compare and contrast the topic. Use these fresh and innovative topic suggestions the next time you have to compare and contrast country life vs. city life.

Your Home Topics

Decide what kind of home you like and then see if the style is offered in two settings. If you like brownstones, you may have trouble finding that style in suburbia. Make up your mind as to what type of home you wish to live in.

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Private homes

Traffic Topics

City traffic is loud, you may not need a car, and rush hour can be scary. However, if you live in the country trips to the grocery store or work may take much longer. DO you want to have a car and do you want to pay for gas. Think about these things as you plan.

  • Using Taxis
  • The Cost of Owning a Car
  • Are Ubers safe?

To Yard or Not

If you like work in the yard and garden, living in the city may involve a roof top garden or a terrace garden.

  • Rose Gardens and the City
  • Mowing, is it Worth It?
  • Apple Trees in Miniature Size
  • Community Gardens

The Noise

I love the sound of the city, but will you? And will it be a major distraction to you if all you hear is crickets? You need to decide how you feel about noise in both locations and then write about your findings.

  • A City Symphony of Sounds
  • Crickets in the Countryside
  • Wildlife and the Noises


It is a fact that crime will be higher in the city. You can address this in an effective and entertaining paper.

  • Stop and Put Your Hands in the Air
  • Knowing Your Neighborhood Police Officers
  • Police Brutality in the City (or in the Country)
  • The Pros and Cons of Living in a High Crime Area that Offers Cultural Events
  • Neighborhood Watches
  • Country Crimes


There have been a million papers written on schools in the country vs. school sin the city. Try one of these intriguing topics for your paper.

  • What a City School Has to Offer
  • Can Culture Be Found in the Country?
  • Class Curriculums in the City and the Country

The city and the country have long provided topics for essays. Use these ideas to help you the next time you are assigned one of these compare and contrast essays.