A List Of Great Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Examples

Comparisons or contrasts are made between two objects, abstracts or entities that are quite close to each other in nature and profile. You may compare and contrast a cottage chair with chaise chair; but not with a television.

Helps increase knowledge

Compare and contrast essays are highly educative as they ensure to enlighten students about two different ideologies. There is of course a methodical way to write these essays. You can go through a set of interesting pieces to gain a foothold on the method.

Handing equal platform

You should understand that these essays are not meant to denigrate one side when juxtaposed to the other. It is supposed to give them equal platform to announce themselves. It is only in the end that you come up with a firm conclusion gilt-edged by your perspective.

Grounded knowledge

Of course, to make a systematic comparison, you require making a probing enquiry into the character of the two entities. You need wholesome knowledge on the subject; not an air you may catch with a sneeze. Overall impact of the written piece will depend on your grounding on the subject topic.

Different comparisons

While some essays can be downright funny; some may actually get to the thick of the skin and delayer that. It actually depends on the poise and sentience of the topic. Comparing Government policies can only be a serious piece; while comparing cartoon characters has that aura of hilarity around it.

Space for difference

The fact that you can contrast and compare makes it clear that the world is made of different types of people who think differently and thus also create differently. Where there is sameness, there is also distraction and a whiff of different air. Therefore, as long as we revolve with the Earth, there will be enough scope for compare and contrast essays.

Here is a list of 10 compare and contrast essays for your purview –

  1. Compare and contrast the sensibilities of an extrovert and an introvert
  2. Compare and contrast an urban village with a remote countryside
  3. Compare and contrast American Football with Soccer
  4. Compare and contrast the imaginative flair of J R R Tolkien and J K Rowling
  5. Compare and contrast the two famous Harry Potter series characters Severus Snape and Sirius Black
  6. Compare and contrast the weather conditions in Chicago and London
  7. Compare and contrast the ravaging power of an earthquake and a hurricane
  8. Compare and contrast the commercial regimes of China and Venezuela
  9. Compare and contrast traditional and modernist architecture
  10. Compare and contrast Algebra with Geometry