A List of Top Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

The art of argumentation and persuasion can be quite fun when writing an essay. If you can select a topic that you are passionate about that has much support, then your paper will be stellar. It just seems that picking a topic can be so difficult and that all the good topics are taken. Here are some suggestions:


  • Testing ethics-take a side and talk about important rules
  • Ebola in the United States-should we all the patients in the US
  • Vaccinations and consequences-do vaccinations cause autism
  • Assisted suicide-should you be allowed to die on your terms
  • New warfare and the modes of delivery-chemical and drone warfare
  • Lab security-times dangerous materials have stolen and what measures should be taken
  • The timeline of aids-are we close to a cure or not


  • Spyware-what effects does it cause
  • Snowden-traitor or hero
  • Internet security-how come all measures are compromised with time
  • Education via technology-good or bad
  • Ipad schools-is this the future
  • Technology and harmful effects-can cell phones cause cancer
  • Internet plagiarism- does the internet make it easier

History and Social Studies

  • The best presidents-who is the best or who is the worst
  • The most effective law-which laws changed the world
  • Title 17-is it working
  • The amendments and relativity-are all the amendments still relative
  • Rebellion –which were good and which were bad
  • Monarchy in the modern world-should it still exist
  • India’s poverty plight-how can we change this
  • Elections-any facet
  • Democrat Party-good or bad
  • Republican Party-good or bad


  • The greatest mathematician: who was it
  • Deviance: his mathematical strategies
  • Stonehenge: how did they do it
  • Pyramids: perfect angles before our time
  • Math importance: is it the most important subject

Fine Arts

  • Funding: should it be cut
  • Sector: is it a sport
  • Importance: is it the most important subject
  • Artist: who is the greatest

All subjects listed above have sides, ideas, fans, enemies, and components that can be argued. These topics are just a few suggestions. You can use these topics or your can use these topics for inspiration. As you work through your research and paper make sure you find valid sources, follow the APA or MLA style, have a strong thesis statement, have a solid outline, meet all your deadlines, and proof your paper carefully. Remember, that you need more than emotions to prove your argument. You need solid and credible support from experts in the field.