Choosing and Narrowing Topics for Argument Essays

Argument essays work to provide meaning to a specific side of an opposition. As you select your topic think about the side you are on and how you will defend it. It is like entering a debate and you need to show evidence as to why your position is best. These are elements you need to think about when choosing a topic. If you are able to provide supporting evidence for something you feel strong about, you may have found the best topic. So, how do you come up with ideas and narrow them down into one topic?

Brainstorm General Topic Ideas

A general topic is often easy to come up with, such as abortion or gun control. As you can see these ideas are too broad. Brainstorming helps you come up with related ideas you can break down later into a topic. So, if you are interested in writing about abortion or gun control, you would write down ideas and thoughts related to the general idea. Do this for a few moments and see what you come up with.

Take Notes from Brainstorming and Break Them Down

Once you had a few moments to write down ideas from your brainstorming session, try to break down ideas. In the beginning you will have raw ideas stemming from a general topic you have interest in. When you review your ideas think about realistic thoughts you may want to research further. Try to break down your ideas to another level to get deeper into your topic. You can do this simply by writing down what you know and what you feel.

Think About What You Came Up With and Make Your Final Option

Think about the position you will take on your subject matter. What information will you need to help defend your position? You may need to think about this concept with a few ideas you came up with. In the end, you will see which ideas can help you get the essay you need.

Sample Prompts for Argument Essays

Students can get inspired to write an essay based on prompts. The following topic ideas can help you get started in selecting your topic.

  • Are women smarter than men?
  • Should a spouse be required to pay alimony at divorce?
  • Should homeschooling become mandatory?
  • Should the lottery be abolished?
  • When a person cheats in a relationship can they ever be trusted again?
  • Should teens be able to get birth control?