8 Best Topic Ideas For Writing An Informative Essay

Informative essays are the backbone of your college education. You will do a thousand and more during your major and, trust me, it will never be easy to find an innovative topic. Why? Because with millions of informative papers written every semester just in colleges around the globe, you probably won't find that super new topic with the breakthrough angle and information.

You can, however, write a good, well-researched and relevant essay. No one says you can't. But before we get into what topics might be best, we need to consider what the world needs to know.

  • Health
  • Global warfare
  • Occidental domination
  • Economy
  • Anything related to the concrete sciences and their advances
  • Human relations and their effects

So, basically, we need to know about – yes, you guessed it - the world around us.

  1. Scientific research and advances
  2. This is the number one most written-about topic. It comes in different shapes, colors and sizes, but at the end of the day, it’s always the same. X group of scientists discovered or developed something, and this helps or hinders the world one way or the other.

  3. Occidental domination in history
  4. If you open any given history book ever, you're going to find mostly the western point of view. This is an actual phenomenon that needs to be talked about more because so few people actually realize it’s going on. Look into it and tell people about it.

  5. Human rights: how they are western based only
  6. If you think about it, Oriental and Middle East countries probably look at us and think: “What the hell are they thinking? Why on Earth would they do that!?” Yup. Just about the same way we do, but they don't have their own declaration of human rights now do they? Think about it…

  7. World economy: how it’s affected by wars
  8. United States is one of the strongest economies in the world, and it is based on warfare. How does war or the lack of it affect the rest of the world?

  9. Countries currently at war
  10. Explain the causes of it, the effects, and if possible outline the events throughout the issue.

  11. Health and any sickness we are currently plagued with
  12. Symptoms, treatment, statistics. Yeah, basically that’s it.

  13. Plagues throughout history
  14. Causes, effects, symptoms, treatment and speculated statistics. Describe and outline them to inform your reader.

  15. The dangers and perks of relating to other humans.
  16. Describe the different types of relationships that exist among humans, compare and contrast them. Find their strong suits and weak spots; describe their effects in full detail.