A Manual for Composing Winning Analytical Essays

Writing an essay will vary widely from style to style. Most people have written countless compare and contrast or argumentative essays before they’re in their mid teens. Analytical essays are slightly more rare. If you need to write one and don’t know where to begin, try the following:

Understand the essay format

Analytical essays require that you take the topic and explain it from all the required angles in a way that the reader can understand or that shows your own knowledge on the topic is complete. It would be a mistake to include persuasive elements even if that style of writing is familiar and comfortable to you.

Pick your topics wisely

Some topics lend themselves more easily to thorough analysis than others. Try to think two or three steps ahead throughout your topic selection process. Is the topic easily analyzed? Have too many people dealt with it before me? Should I expand or contract the idea before I begin writing? The answers to all of those questions are relevant.

Write a solid essay outline

Once you have a topic you can outline your essay. The majority of the resource reading material you will need to examine should be nearby throughout this process. Fill in the body before addressing the introduction and conclusions. Be aware that everything you write is still temporary and liable to change as you analyze more of the topic and form a better understanding of it.

Fill in the spaces

The outline becomes the essay as you fill in the gaps and make full sentences out of disparate points by linking them. At the end of that process you would be in possession of an almost complete but clearly recognizable essay.

Proofread and Edit

This step is often given little mention because people take it for granted. Nothing should be taken for granted when you intend to get good grades or produce high quality work. Look your essay over carefully for errors in grammar or style. You wouldn’t want your masterpiece to be tarnished for a misplaced letter or comma.


Once your essay is finally complete you have nothing more to do but submit. This should be done as far before the deadline as possible to allow whoever is corre

cting it time to return it with suggestions if they graciously decide to let you aim for higher marks.

As simple as these steps may be you can use them to create strong analytical essays.