Empathy is the aptitude to detect the feelings of other people as well as having emotional experience within you. The ability to perceive other people emotions is very significant as it helps to avoid conflicts as well in making effective decisions. In fact, the aptitude of decision making in most cases is partially impaired when someone is overwhelmed by stress. Therefore, it is difficult for stressed people to generate rational decisions. Empathy involves experiencing the difficult that other people are going through and having emotional feelings.

Often, most people confuse empathy and sympathy and sometimes used as synonyms. However, the simplest way to differentiate this two terms is through taking note that; empathy involves feeling while includes actions. Empathy comes before sympathy. In other words, empathetic people are usually sympathetic and therefore, after perceiving the feelings, empathetic people are unable to control themselves from acting thus empathy and sympathy is inseparable.

Impacts of Empathy

In fact, people who pretend to be sympathetic and are not empathetic looks quite shallow since there is no emotional link to his actions. It is not possible to sympathies with other people without been empathetic. Psychopath is a defining term used to refer to people who do not possess the ability to determine what other are going through or have an emotional feeling about other. Psychopath involves imitations, cold sympathies and manipulative actions.

The lack of empathy is the key element which makes psychopath so treacherous. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for someone to care about others without having empathy. Psychopaths do not hesitate to objectify, mistreat or even kill other people without feeling guilty.

The empathetic value from acknowledging the feelings of other people and as well as taking a profitable action to assists the situation.

Importance of Empathy

Understanding the feelings of other people brings a sense of identity and emotional connection. When a person is undergoing difficult situations feels lonely and desperate. Having empathy on persons in a hardship situation bring a kind of emotional relief to their challenges and as well creates a sense of connection.

Empathy values sometimes can confuse and as well be surprising. Initially, especially when not hoped for can lead to suspicions. However, persistence on empathy cannot be denied and thus results to development of mutual trust between the parties.

Empathy is very significant when a person giving a speech to the audience. The ability to determine other people’s feeling is very vital in understanding the audiences. Empathetic people are able understand the audience and know whether to proceed or change the topic.