A List Of Good Topics To Write An Argumentative Essay On

In an argumentative essay you give the reader two points of view and with facts you show the reader both sides and then let them decide which point of view is valid.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Parents that bring their children to class with them can create an array of problems for the class and the instructor.  What is your take on the subject and should parents be allowed to take their kids to class with them?
  • If you are at a party and you see one of your friends that has had too much drink and they decide to drive home.  Should you let your friend drive in this condition or let them make their own bad decisions?
  • Some high schools and colleges don’t allow freshmen students to drive to school. This is usually because they lack the parking spaces for it.  Do you think these students should be allowed to drive to school or will it be distracting to them and cause upperclassman to lose their parking spaces?
  • If a student is being disruptive during class and the teacher ask him or her to leave or they kick them out as a punishment.  Do you think this is fair or unfair to the student? Is this a good punishment or is there another way that it can be handed because this prevents the student from learning.
  • Should praying be allowed in schools or is it a conflict in the First Amendment for the Bill of Rights, the right to practice and religion and the freedom of speech?
  • Parents complain about explicit content of movies, television, and books, which is why we have censorship now.  But is it fair to censor books, movies, or television or should the parents be more aware of what their kids are watching?
  • Fraternities and sororities are the really worth it and are they beneficial to the universities that they are associated with?
  • Should everyone own their own car or are their better ways of transportation for people?
  • Should beauty contests be disbanded?  Do they give young girls a negative image of confidence and self esteem on how they look?
  • Why is it that professional athletes and actors get paid more then careers that are necessary to the world safety or development, like teachers and doctors?  Teachers and doctors have a higher value in society but they are getting pennies on the dollar compared to professional athletes and actors.