A Proper Way to Write an Essay: Keep to the Style

There is a proper way to write an essay. It is designed to help your reader move smoothly through your paper without getting lost. It is a great style to adopt because it is so versatile. It can be used for so many different classes and so many different papers. Once you have mastered this style, you can write all of your future papers with ease.

The most commonly used format for essay writing is the five paragraph essay. I will walk you through how to perfect this style. There are five parts to this essay which include the introductory paragraph, the three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Here is how to set each of them up.


The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph in your paper. It is designed to give your reader an overview of what you are going to discuss. It is designed to provide background information on your topic. It should be written as though your audience has not prior information on the subject. The introduction will give your audience the information needed to understand the rest of your paper. It should include any definitions to words that your audience may not know the meanings to. The introductory paragraph should end with the thesis statement which is the heart of your paper. It should paraphrase the entire article and list your main supporting reasons.

Body Paragraphs:

Your body paragraphs are the most important part of your paper. They are where you support your thesis statement with factual evidence. Each body paragraph will explain a different reason behind why you believe your thesis statement. Transitions should be used when moving from one topic to the next. This will help your reader. It will also make your paper flow better. Try to have the same amount of proof for each one of the three reasons so your body paragraphs are about the same. It is best to choose to list your reasons in the order of importance. The main reason should be listed first and then decrease in weight.


Your conclusion is the final paragraph of your paper. It is where you bring it all together. It is where you give your final thoughts and restate your thesis. Your conclusion is not something that you should just throw together to get it over with. It should be well thought out. It should capture the essence of your paper and leave your reader thinking even after you are done.

This is a common and effective way to write an essay. You can easily expand on this to incorporate bigger papers with more information. You can separate your supporting paragraphs into more than one paragraph but be sure to use transitions so that your reader doesn’t get lost.