Is Dirty Hands Necessary in Politics

Politics includes influencing others when it comes to making decisions that affect how people live. This is an ongoing practice that affects people young and old on different levels from local levels to the national and international levels. Having dirty hands in politics may depend on how you look at the concept, as it can have both positive and negative aspects that effect people and their respective societies. It can depend on the issue or problem at hand; it could lead to scandalous activities, fraud, and other forms of deception that is completely unacceptable.

The positive side to having dirty hands in politics could help people get to the heart of serious problems and issues affecting society. In many cases, it is a matter of getting deeper into the root of a problem in order to understand how a solution can be developed. Aside from understanding potential solutions you need to understand possible outcomes that may happen, whether positive or negative. Then, you need to get others on board and convince them your solution can help resolve the problem. In other cases you are influencing someone with power (whether a voter or a politician) to help you achieve, organize, or govern political views among the masses. This is where some people can have good intentions with negative actions that follow.

The negative side of dirty hands in politics can be devastating and costly. This side of politics is something too many people are familiar with as it has gone on for years. Some with dirty hands tend to let greed and selfishness get the best of them. Too many politicians get caught up in wanting more money and power. In the end their actions create more tension and problems for community members and other politicians hoping to see positive change. Some with dirty hands tend to take advantage of the situation because of their political status and do not realize how much of an impact they can make in a good way.

Dirty hands can help you see how serious a situation is when you are willing to do hard work. There are some issues that have problems society has dealt with for years. How people communicate their ideas, views, and beliefs makes a difference in how action is carried out. Because there are issues with inequality, democracy, and overall decision making within a government body, the presence of dirty hands in political is almost likely.