A List of Debatable Topics for a Sociology Paper

You are sitting in Sociology class and your professor gives you an assignment. You now have to come up with a topic that can be debated. Don’t worry, I can help. What is Sociology to be exact? Sociology, in a nutshell, is the study of social problems. Now that we know the definition, let’s discuss debatable topics.

A myriad of different topics should be floating through your head by now, if they aren’t then just keep reading. I have a list of different topics that would be suitable for a healthy debate in class.

  • Should schools teach sex education?
  • Due to teenage pregnancy should schools be forced to implement a daycare system?
  • Should people on Government Aid be drug tested?
  • Is it fair for people to be forced to learn another language?
  • Should our government be forced to provide free healthcare to everyone?

Here is just a small list of what could turn out to be the greatest paper of your life. When you have decided upon your topic, the next step is to turn it into an essay.

Writing your Sociology Worthy Essay

Now that you have chosen your topic, choose your side. Do you want to be for or against? Your decision will affect the research you do. If you are for your topic, then you need to:

  • Make an introductory statement about why you are for it
  • Outline your research to convince others why they should agree
  • Make an outstanding argument that still leaves room for debate

If you are against it, use the same outline just make the statement why you are against it, why they should disagree, and for the last one, keep it the same.

Providing a Valid Argument

Providing a valid argument is an important step when you are compiling your research on the chosen topic. Make sure everything pertains to your side. Whether you are for or against, maintaining the validity of your argument is extremely important.

  • Make sure your research is from a valid source
  • Don’t listen to hearsay, go for facts
  • Make your opinion reflect itself in your argument

Don’t be worried about what others may think of your opinion. This is a chance to prove why your opinion matters, even if it is in a class. Make sure you make a strong case, and you will do a wonderful job.