How to start an essay to catch the reader’s attention

Adopting a style of writing that always enthrals your reader is a skill highly coveted by every writer. There is no sure science of pleasing everybody with your writing, but there are good starting points we can look at that will push you in the right direction.

Pour yourself into your introduction

If your introduction generates interest in the reader, your essay has already won half the battle. Your professor will look for a reason to enjoy reading the rest of it because his preconception is that he looked forward to starting after reading the intro.

Your whole essay should carry your mark, but especially your introduction. Integrate your personality into your intro so that the reader has the chance to identify with you. This will make them more likely to enjoy your writing.

Incorporate a good question

At the beginning of reading a good essay, your reader should be posed a question. This applies to narrative and factual essays. Your question may be a controversial one, or just a something that makes the reader wonder what’s going to happen next. Either way, your question must be pertinent to your topic.

Start with your main idea

If your statement is compelling, your entire essay will do well. Structure your content around your main idea and your essay’s introduction and starting point will carry the right theme. By promising the reader what they’re in for, you won’t lose them halfway because you’ve changed your tone.

When you start with the placement of your main idea and sub-points, don’t worry too much about adding content. Your content will naturally fall into place later, after you’ve got a sturdy framework.

Curiosity and constructiveness

When writing your essay, try not to sacrifice usefulness with interest; but incorporate both. This will render a well-played essay that catches the reader on all fronts. It’s especially important to do this at the beginning of your paper. Wet the reader’s appetite by promising him or her that they will be both entertained and educated by your essay.

Fill the gaps

Now the easiest—albeit the most dreaded—part of your essay can begin; writing all the content. You won’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to write because you’ve already done all the think work for your paper. The words should flow freely form the ideas you’ve worked so hard to think up.