A List Of Easy Essay Topics On World War 2 For Elementary School

The way that elementary school students should approach this topic will be different from older students. They will likely need guidance from their parents as well as their teachers. Because the Second World War has so many different aspects to it and a ton of information from which to research, that makes it easy to find any topic you want. Within the context of the war, there are so many people and countries involved that you can choose from many different perspectives.

Here are some ideas you can start using for your elementary school paper.

Topics for World War 2 essays

  1. Why did the US join the war?
  2. How did women’s rights in government benefit from the war?
  3. Preparing for the war, what did each country do?
  4. How did the treaty of Versailles contribute to the war?
  5. Which country was the most affected by this war: why and how?
  6. Discuss the Munich conference
  7. Discuss the Yalta conference
  8. What events led up to the US’s decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan?
  9. How did the Japanese enter into the war?
  10. What happened that made the US a super power after the war was over?
  11. Why was the cold war only months after WWII ended?
  12. What was it like to live in a concentration camp?
  13. Pick a specific campaign of the war, discuss how it happened and the results
  14. Show the timeline and events that helped Hitler’s rise to power
  15. How was Germany right before WWII started compared to after WWII ended?

Those topics can be simplified for elementary school students by lessening the violence mentioned or focusing on a smaller aspect of the war. Even though this is a big subject matter for such young students to write about, they can do it if they understand the feelings of the people behind the war. How the countries each wanted something different, and how that relates to individual people arguing today.

Writing essays on World War 2 might seem like a big deal, and it is important for young people to understand why it happened. This project will prepare them for future papers and homework that involve more in-depth topics related to the wars and other subjects. Taking the time now to explore some of these ideas will help them later on.