A List Of Original Argumentative Essay Topics On Greek Mythology

Writing an argumentative essay is quite simple. Once you have selected a side you will have to stick to that side throughout the rest of the paper. There can be lots of different opposing points but you will have to prove your own view point no matter what. It is more like writing a script for a debate where you have to vehemently protect your side. You will also have to provide counter argument in respect to the popular points that can be rallied against your side. Here are a few suggestions and prompts that will help you select the right argumentative topic on Greek mythology.

Greek mythology is vast

When you are going to write on green Mythology you will have to do a lot of research. The subject is huge and you will have to know a great deal because each and every incident is connected in some way or the other. The Greek mythology is popular in many stories and movies but very few go to the depth when depicting the events. You will have to find authentic source for all the knowledge. It is best you do not depend on online encyclopedia that can be edited by any one as often these pages have missing details or small mistakes that can be easily overlooked but cause a lot of trouble when put in academic content.

Importance of finding the right topic

The topic has to be chosen very carefully. Since Greek mythology is a huge topic you cannot just randomly select one aspect. The first thing you will have to know is that there are too many movies and series based on Greek mythology. You must try and avoid some of the more popular stories because there is nothing more to be written on them. Instead you just go for the more complicated events from the Greek era and write on topics that will piqué the reader’s interest. The topic is crucial because it will decide the first impression that the reader will be getting about your work.

Some suggestions to help you select a topic:

  • Which incident do you think is most tragic in Greek mythology compared to others?
  • Do you think that the Greeks paid more respect to their women than the Romans
  • Do you think characters like Dionysus should be portrayed as Gods?