Analysis Essay Topic Ideas for College Students: Choose the Piece to Analyze

When you are writing an analysis essay as a college student you may be in need of some essay topic ideas. If so then look no further.

  • You can analyze the effects of soda consumption on weight
  • You can analyze the effects of child soldiers in warfare
  • You can analyze the effects of watching too much television
  • You can analyze the effects of carbohydrates and gluten on brain disease
  • You can analyze the most effective business leadership methods

In some other cases you may need to analyze a piece of literature and not just a fact or argument. In that case when you choose the piece you analyze you should focus on finding an ideal topic to review within the text. This is because there are many options that are available that settling down on one can be a big challenge. The beauty of all this is that you can use the internet to find a suitable topic.

Some of the main common topics that you can write on are: obesity, politics, human mind and religion among others. You can also write about a situation where a physician assists suicide. The key rule here is to find a topic that you are very comfortable with.


The characters that you decide to use are very important. For instance, if you are writing a essay on literature, the characters that you decide to use will play a very important role. Ask the following questions:

  • How will character A, B and C help to improve the plot?
  • What role will each character play in the plot?
  • What is the reasoning behind presenting some characters the way you do?


The structure that you use is very important to any kind of paper that you decide to work on. In addition, you need to determine the structure of the documents that you are using because not all of them are acceptable. If the paper you are writing is a research paper, make sure that all journals that you are using is peer reviewed. The following questions will be important:

  • Is the journal peer reviewed? If it is not, avoid it
  • How do parts of the book follow one another?
  • Who is the author of the text and how qualified is he?