Views On The Right To Bear Arms

Security is vital both public and at our homes. Everyone must have the arms as long as the arms are used for the right purposes. Keeping the arms is not hurtful unless if the arms are used for the wrong motives. There must be the right to bear arms in any state. The security of any state or country is not under threat because it is not threatened by any invasion. The right to keep arms and ammunition is vital for the state and the individuals in the societies.

The reason for keeping arms are valid. For example, if one is walking down the street and there is some robbery, do we have to wait for the police to come and rescue? If everyone had their arms, it would be easy dealing with the criminals. The level of insecurity will go down because everyone is secure both in public and at home.

It allows the government will be relieved, and they are likely to recruit few security personnel. The reason is that everyone is secure with their arm. Having everyone with the arms will always scare the robbers and thieves. The level of insecurity will reduce, and everyone will have the freedom to do their things.

Keeping arms are vital, and especially the states and countries faced with tyranny and attacks. It is the nature that the human being must defend themselves. Human beings will defend themselves whenever prompted to, especially when there is war or attacks. It will be devastating if an enemy attack and there are no tools to defend themselves.

Some of the authorities do not offer enough security to their citizens. Therefore, allowing them to keep arms will improve security. Keeping arms will become a culture and peace will prevail.

There must be a thorough training of the people to give the arms. This will ensure that they do not use the arms carelessly to harm the colleagues. Also, there must be cleared down policies and procedures on the use of the arms.

Finally, the state must be careful on who they give the arms. Before they give the arms, the government must ensure that all the terms and conditions are achieved. Arms cannot be kept by everyone, and there must be certain limitations. All the people with the arms and ammunitions must have a permit authorizing them to own such. Also, owning of arms vary from different nations and states depending on the level of security and security wars.