Getting Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing a research essay can be a challenge. When you are tasked with writing a research essay, you need to ensure your thesis is a good one.

Thesis Statement

A research paper is much like a persuasive essay in that you don’t want to merely copy the ideas of another writer. You want to be argumentative and persuasive, while presenting your ideas. That is why, for your thesis, you want to ensure you develop a particular aspect of another person’s thesis or create something original. You can also take an existing thesis and transplant it into different circumstances such as conducting the same study about changes in higher education, but instead of focusing on Texas, you could focus on Pakistan. You might take a study that was conducted on children in Florida and show how it is applicable to elderly residents in France. The more original your thesis, the better off you will be.

Remember that the thesis is one of the most critical components to your essay. It is where you organize your material and focus on the research efforts you have made.


As for the body of your research paper, you want to treat it like a pillow to cushion your argument. You want to show where other writers have presented similar studies, or which arguments support your thesis, or fail to support your thesis and why. Review why other arguments are not applicable or are wrong. Summarize your evidence.

When you are graded, your teacher will look for a well-organized, clearly-written essay. They will look for an original thesis and for thorough research. You can use an old thesis that has been covered multiple times but you may not do as well as coming up with something original.

Most of the time you are given the topic on which you need to write, but sometimes teachers give you the opportunity to write something you pick. If you choose your essay topic, you want to ensure it is a topic that will interest you as much as your readers. Consider the examples below:

  • Write about an early empire in your favorite country
  • Write about a unique advertising method
  • Write about the history of a nation still under harsh imperial rule by another
  • Write about the history of theatre and arts from your favorite country
  • Write about new technological advances in the field of human cloning
  • Write about the history of the industrial revolution