Basic Elements Of A Successful Argumentative Essay About Yoga

An argumentative paper on this topic will be fun to write! You can pick the form that you think is best and then form main points for your reasons. Use our basic elements on the different styles to help you have success in this task.

Basic Elements

  • Ananda-it is a gentle style with a more of focus on the brain and thinking process
  • Anusara-this new comer is turning heads and gaining interest
  • Astanga-developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
  • Bikram-the most popular form with the most extensive and complete workout
  • Iyengar-an oldie but a favorite created and founded by BKS Iyengar
  • Kripalu-for the mind and gentle body improvement, a great spiritual focus
  • Power-this is what happens when Americans meddle with yoga
  • Restorative-lots of blankets and blocks are used to help with relaxation
  • Sivananda-a very traditional and old form that includes your diets, your breathing, and lots and lots of chanting
  • Viniyoga-this form seeks to help injuries heal quicker
  • Yin-this one will focus on your bones and muscles, especially your joints

Once you decide which one you will prove is the absolute best style, and then consider the points you want to talk about in the piece. Some of the sample areas are—

  1. Mind-which is best for this
  2. Body-what areas are addresses and how are they approached
  3. Chants-which encourage them
  4. Spiritual side-is this important to most people and how is it handled
  5. Sweating-is the hot method the best one
  6. Equipment-what is needed and how much is the cost
  7. Simplicity-is this important and if so, why
  8. Longevity-how long has the practice been around
  9. Popularity- do people love it or is it controversial
  10. Yogis-who are the famous ones associated with
  11. Study-does it require a lot of study and if so, why and what
  12. Breathing-is this a focus and does this matter to you
  13. Postures-are they easy for the average person

Pick three or four areas, which interest you and then proceed to prove why the type you picked is the absolute best to practice. Be prepared to support your ideas with valid and credible research. You will need to go through the entire standard writing steps: crafting a thesis, writing a thesis statement, making an outline which has details, writing the rough draft, proofing and then editing, and the final draft composition.